Does Age Matter?

Having read and contributed to several threads on the digital vs analog controversy I developed a nagging itch that suggested it is older people that prefer analog and younger people digital. If this is the case than there is most definitely a nostalgic element to that opinion. Perhaps we can answer that question. I will go first. Please do not ruminate on the differences. Age and preference, digital, analog or both! We'll tally the results at the end. 

I am 67 and like Both analog and digital.
68 years old for another few weeks. I’m getting to prefer CD’s due to convenience, availability at reasonable cost, and the great sound of many jazz reissues and remasters. I’ve been wondering too how much being acclimated to the sound of vinyl plays into makes it sound so natural to me, and cd’s harsher sounding.


47 and I like both, but prefer vinyl for serious listening.

That being said, probably listen to digital 80% of the time due to circumstance and the fact that a lot of the music I like isn't even available on vinyl.

Also love streaming services for creating custom playlists and discovering new music.

I’m 69 — had a decent system in HS and college, that included home built Dynaco pre and power amps, Revox A77 R2R and Dual 1219 TT with a Stanton 681EEE. Then a LONG dry spell, during which my collection of ~1500 LPs was stolen. Got back into it four years ago, and bought a TT despite having only 50 albums left. I was, and still am, underwhelmed by the sound. Tried streaming, and haven’t looked back. 
I have heard excellent vinyl systems that are arguably better than comparable digital systems, but the vinyl systems were well over 100K, and the digital ones were 30K. If you have unlimited resources, vinyl may be worth it, IF you also have a large vinyl collection in very good shape. I am not willing to invest all that is needed for a comprehensive vinyl collection, high quality TT, phono amp and carts, when the upside is maybe a 1% improvement in SQ, and the downside is the frustration of getting the TT/cart properly set up and regularly maintained, constant disc cleaning, and having to get up at least every 15 minutes to flip or change the platter. Good digital is great sounding, easy to change with my iPad, endlessly varied in access to recordings, and affordable (thank God) for people of my means. 
I would never THINK of starting from scratch trying to rebuild my record collection, without more incentive and a lot bigger bank account.  
This post is rather confusing because some contributors seem to be comparing CDs with "digital" alternatives, but a CD recording is digital isn't it?
Anyway, I am now 64 and although I do play some vinyl records I prefer CDs because they are easier to handle. Typically I buy 10 or 12 new CDs every month. This has nothing to do with nostalgia or anything like that. It is simply that CDs are convenient and easy to play. I have tried streaming and downloading files but it always ends up being a battle of wits between me and the computer. By contrast CDs could not be simpler. I simply pop the CD in the player and press play.
Wherever possible I choose SACDs rather than CDs. CDs are adequate but I find that SACDs are much closer to the sound produced by vinyl records.