Does an upgrade make sense?

I may be coming down with the upgrade bug, and I’m open to suggestions. I’m quite happy with what I have—excellent imaging, musicality, dynamics. Maybe I could use a little more depth (left right is fine and speakers truly disappear), and maybe a touch more dynamics.

Almost everything I listen to is Qobuz streaming or hi res and flac files from a NAS (hard drive). My system:

Cambridge 851 Streamer/DAC

Bel Canto Pre5

Bel Canto Ref 500 monoblocks

Dali Mentor 6 floorstanders

Everything sits on maple plinths, Gaia iiis, or pucks.

Cabling is mid range Morrows. I previously had Kimber KS1116s but sold them as the Morrows sounded just as good, on the current set up.

What do I need to get more of everything? Speakers? DAC, Streamer? Amp?

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I would start with noise/jitter management.

Something like a Puritan 156 for the electrical noise.

At least one audio ethernet switch (I use 3) 

Adding an ethernet filter like the Network Acoustics, or using an ethernet cable with a filter like the SOtM.

I have found using a DDC to use an input other than USB diminishes digital noise.

Then you can upgrade your gear and appreciate the benefits.

Yep, some RELs will make a big difference in both the bottom end and size of sound stage.  

+1 to Puritan 156 which made signifact improvement on my system at reasonable cost.


The next step is to try nice subwoofers like Rel.


i enjoy pair of Rel 31s but it is not cheap.



Thanks all. First thing I’m going to do is look into a Puritan 156. And tweaking my room set up. I have a solid, dead center image and excellent side to side sound staging as is — can I get more depth? I need to hear my system without the tv and components between the speakers. Lots of work lies ahead. Thanks again for all the advice.