Does anybody have problem with Wadia 781iSE connec

I just bought a WADIA cd player 781iSE and when I connect direct to the amplifier (as it says in the catalog) it make a noise as a Hum.I try different cables and with different periferical, as a turntable and only happen with the Wadia. I ask Wadia by mail and call by phone, but at this time the post selling service of the company is not working or is acting in slow motion
It sounds like you have a bad connection, that could cause a hum. you might try moving the cables at the connection,dirt could also be the culprit. I am sure the fine people at Wadia will respond after the Holiday weekend.
I don't know if you live in the USA. Past Thursday was Thanksgiving holiday and many businesses are closed until Monday. This is a possible explanation for failure to respond.
I am not aware of a 781i SE . There is a 581i SE and the new 781i. Can you not contact the dealer you bought it from ? My understanding is that Wadia has ben off since Thursday for Thanksgiving . My 781i is dead silent . Try temporarily lifting ground on amps . If you have halogens, esp a track of halogen lights in your home , turn them off . Disclaimer , I am a new dealer for Wadia.
A sad note.............. Don Moses of Wadia has passed away. Details are posted in the Digital Drive forum on Audio Asylum.