Does anybody make...

I am looking for a quality preamp where there are multiple, say 3 outputs of the main output, 4 total, each channel with independent volume control... 



If you can live with a balance control instead of separate left and right volume pots, most McIntosh preamps will fit the bill.

Thanks all for your suggestions!

The ideal rolling around in the back of my head... a minimalist point of view, not sure if its a good ideal though... I am thinking of using the preamp to control the volume/gain sent to the amps, the amps will have to be somewhat different I suspect to match the speakers I am using, ( my W & M drivers are unique as they are old school field coils 18" & 10", and I am not sure of their sensitivity yet.) I thought about an active xo, and I have a new minidsp here in a box. The less in the food chain, the better, I am thinking, it's a starting point. As I said earlier, I am just considering my options, gaining info, looking at different paths.

This has been a project mired in difficulty, especially since I am not technically inclined, but it's audio and it's my hobby of choice!  Incidentally, I have investigated in using pots aka L-Pads, and have not counted them out, if one can find the proper spec, which is not as easy as you think... 


Thanks again!



"If you can live with a balance control instead of separate left and right volume pots, most McIntosh preamps will fit the bill."

McIntosh does sell the Mi128, which does have volume for each channel, this too, I have considered.


I don't have a preamp and I'm quite happy with the level of control I have at hand.

Eq and balance, DSP as desired (or not).....a 2496, or not...🤷‍♂️

Distrib amps can be as simple or as complex as one could ask for of late, wallet thickness being ones' guide or limit.

I've 6 amps in a 50ish lb. lump.  2chan each, buss or stand-alone input, bal & vol each, delay each, and any can be mono'd for sub or just the bang of it.

Each amp can drive up to 4 drivers, if you don't ask the impossible from it.

No, it's not likely you'll discern the sweat on the palms of the 1st violinist in the midst of that solo...but I don't kid myself into thinking I can hear such....

But, it pleases me in the OTW I'm up to, and it didn't require a 2nd mortgage that I couldn't do anyway....

(No, I've not tried 24 drivers.  I've enough cables already just for the nonsense I'm doing anyway...and suspending that many cables off the floor would look like a WW2 tank trap to maneuver around....I'm not insane, just....'odd'....*L* ;)...)