Does anybody pay a pro to dial their system in?

Bought a new system here and I’m shooting in the dark for what to expect. It sounds underwhelming to me and I feel I need a second pair of ears. My new system comprises of:

Benchmark AHB2

Benxhmark DAC3 

Totem1 bookshelf speakers

i know the system is not the problem, it’s me. All just muddy. Small room 12x8. I’ve added carpet and thick curtains on all three walls (behind speakers and both sides. On the sides I have two sets of curtains so I can open them in the middle so I don’t deaden the room too much. All in all I’m not thrilled at all at what I hear.

Over the last year Ive been listening day and night to a great “lively and exciting” set of headphones (Fostex TH900) which I love and maybe this has set a bar on what I’m looking for in a room system. I understand that a system and phones are two different experiences but for now the system doesn’t hold a candle to what the headphones are giving me.

I’m  wondering if hiring a professional to dial my system in would be a good idea as I really don’t know what to expect from the system and my small room.


One more suggestion if you find that the tweeters are in working order is try wiring the speakers in reverse phase and see if that makes them sound better it's not uncommon for companies to wire speakers backwards so to speak ... Never trust that companies build speakers or anything else with top-notch quality control ... Have seen a lot in 60 years of messing with audio

Yes, I have had the best set up guy I know come in for a few hours to help dial in the system. He is a very good friend and has set up some of the best systems that I have ever heard. He has been over a few times after major system/component changes. The results are always positive and the relatively modest cost has always proven to be money and time well spent.

The speaker placement advice is what I would try first.  I also wonder if there is too much dampening in the room.  See what the system sounds like when you remove the curtain behind the system, and replace with some diffuser panels behind the speakers.  I have the Benchmark DAC3 and love it - and have been considering adding their amp

Amazing system, looking forward to hearing about your experiments!

The curtains you describe aren’t helping. They are almost useless except for damping some of your highs. Certainly could be helping create the “muddy” sound you describe. You likely have a room full of chaotic sound waves. 

Agree with "boxert""jonW" sucking the life out of the room.Room that small you need as much liveness to work with...start with no dampening and let you ears adjust to whats really happening,speakers out from the ole tight triangle is the only way that small room will work imho.Would start with them straight at you to remove any first reflections.Totems are killer imagers so it wont be them.It can be done...but as that ole blue blood said "youll have to Earn it".Small rooms are great because your hear everything.