Does Anyone Else Member the Golden Age of Audio Insults and Product Degradation?

My time in audio (and, video) goes way back.  How far back?  Does selling console stereos with ceramic cartridges mounted on record changers go back far enough?  Things were very competitive back then.  And, energetic and creative peddlers of consumer electronics didn't hold anything back.

Here's some examples from my memory.  Maybe you can add some of your own?

Maggotbox:  Magnavox

RCA Victim:  RCA Victor

Kindlingwood:  Kenwood

Soundshitty:  Sansui

Altec Lansing "Voice of the Outhouse":  "Voice of the Theater"

Karmon Hardon:  Harmon Kardon

And, who can forget?:  "No highs.  No lows.  It must be Bose."

Or:  "You can knock a Yamaha.  But, you can't Nakamichi."



In the later ‘80 when NEC was pimping video products, their failure rate quickly earned the reference of Never Ending Crisis 


Thanks for the comment.  I remember NEC and they never moved the needle very far on my "cool stuff" meter.  Not Electronically Competent in my opinion.

I had a great, under the radar tuner from them, the NEC T-710.  The A-7 and A10 integrated amps looked great too as did those mono blocks, M50’s I think?