Does anyone have any experience with Trenner & Friedl "ART" monitor

Seriously looking at a pair ( used)  Quite small and expensive. The "ART" series speaker. Will be used in a relatively small room, 13" x 13" ('9' ceilings) Good electronics. Thanks    Robert TN


I had a set of the T&F  ART  Monitors in a small office system when I was in Missoula MT and they were spectacular. When I was transferred to Lafayette I sold them and my Bel Canto 501S and BC stream to the base manager. 

recklesskelly  thanks for the input. As I said above, other than hearing them on a you tube video ,had never heard the name, or on Audogon forum as far as i recall.  I have relatively small room (above post) Really like my Fritz speakers, but, always looking. In that arena of good bookshelf speakers say 3k to 7k there are a lot of choices, just bothers me as maybe it should or not a 5" driver. Where most others are 5 .5 to 7 or 8 inches?? In my set up,  I supplement my fritz with a SVS SB 3000 sealed sub (2 channel system) and it works out great, wondering if the Trenner and Friedl ART is that much better???    Last question, was your set up near field or just a small room?  Thanks so much.

@robshaw - I've got a pair of Fritz Carrerra BE's; just went for an audition for an upgrade and will be replacing them with Marten Oscar Duo's. Those Fritz's really do come pretty close to the performance of speakers costing 3x as much, but there is a significant difference.

OP it wa# just a small room, I have nothing as far as a comparison to Fritz,