Does anyone have Audioquest red wild or wel speaker cables?

Does anyone here have the higher end Audioquest speaker wire like the redwood wildwood and the wel?
I have the fake wel speaker cables confirmed after you sending me the photos of yours. Thanks. I have yet to find a real pair of these for sale anywhere 
The fakes are on eBay now for around $500 so I suspect many more will have fake ones.  

I have both the redwoods and wild speaker cables.

The redwoods are a bit slimmer than the wild.  The Wild has more resolution but the redwoods are excellent.  Difference is not so much.  They share the same effortless musical reproduction.  
I was lucky enough to try other speaker cables like Valhalla in my system.  I liked the overall presentation of audioquest the best. 
Though the two systems where the redwoods and wild play are dramatically different.  I enjoy both very much. 
1. Redwoods, devialet 1000pro, sonus faber Amati anniversary. 
2. Wilds, triode labs parallel 45 tube amp (4.5 watt), omega super alnico monitor. 

wild is better in midrange and highs, redwoods still excellent presentation. 
I did not like the oaks in my systems. 
good luck. 

Nice 8ft pairs of WildWoods started coming up for relatively cheap the past few months (low 2K's versus 17K MSRP), so I bought a couple pairs and replaced all ends with brand new 1007 spades. I double biwire with the 2 pairs.

I REALLY like these cables. Nice balance between warmth of copper and detail of silver. Absolutely gorgeous tonality, especially with tube amps. My memory on Redwood is hazy but I think it had a similar natural tone, coherence, and ease to it. It's really system dependent whether you'd benefit from more silver (more detail, lose a bit of warmth) or less silver than a Wildwood, but It think it hits a nice balance for most. I'd previously tried an all-copper Thunderbird Zero (no biwire) from the new line, and it just fell flat in my system. Think I just gotta have a good bit of silver in my cables. 

Before getting these WildWoods, I sold my double Kilimanjaro (with 1007 spades) to a friend and I still don't know why the hell I did that. Those were all-silver and detailed as hell but didn't go over the top with it; somehow they still had a touch of natural warmth / sweetness to them. The WildWoods are a little less detailed but a little sweeter sounding. It's a VERY close call between the two. I still regret selling the Kilis, though. Configuration on the double Kilis is the same as one WEL Signature, btw.