Does anyone have experience with seller Kron on cartridges?

I'm looking at purchasing a cartridge from him and would prefer to save the PayPal fees and shipping but it makes me a little nervous to do straight wire transfers. Has anyone done business with him and what was your experience? Thanks for the input in advance.
I once asked him about warranty and he said something like there’s no warranty and don’t contact the manufacturer, any issues should be routed through him.

It truly surprises me that Kron has access to so many cartridges that seem to be unobtanium to most dealers. Primarily of course the Benz line...are they still even in business?? 
Benz Micro is very much in business, they have a new North America distributor.
Word is Albert Lukaschek now has the helpers he needs to churn out new cartridges.
@scar972 Thanks, that is informative. I noticed that the rep is based out of Canada, and they have a number of Canadian dealers, none in the US---so far. Wonder why that is?
Also, should be interesting to see how the price points compare to Kron's offerings.
I bought an Ortofon Quintet Black from Vincent about a month ago.  It is my first purchase with him so I used PayPal for the peace of mind. etc.  It was a very smooth transaction, prompt communications, fast shipment and I saved a third off the typical USA retail.  A great deal and I recommend him, per my public transaction feedback. :-)