Does anyone know about SF Stereo and Theater?

Hi there I purchased a used Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista DAC, I love it and its my new DAC. It has $1000 of mods into it, and I have no clue of what.

Does anyone know if any of the main guys went to work at another local shop and could help me find out what was done to it and if there is any maintenance that should be done after 5 years or in the future do to the mods.

Thanks a million

Willy Hermann, the very reliable Nakamichi tech, was a partner in SF Stereo. He is now retired but still working
by repairing and rebuilding Nak machines. I'm sure he can
supply the info you need or will know someone who can.

You can contact him at
As I now recall, Willy was a partner in Stereo Plus (in SF)
not SF Stereo. However, he was well connected and may be able to locate the techs that did the mods on your MF DAC.
Thank you kindly Tonykay, Interestingly enough my Name is Toby and my last name is tough to pronounce so I usually go by Toby Kay

I really appreciate the info and have heard good things about Willie, I'll tell you I havent heard the stock unit but this one is amazing.

Thanks again