Does anyone know someone who can modify Mesa Baron

I just bought a Mesa Baron amp which I would like to have upgraded and modified to sound as good as it possibly can in triode mode. I don't need it right away so I have left it in the box which it just came to me in last week.

The reason I am doing this is for sentimental reasons. My little brother was a musician and loved his Mesa Boogie guitar amp. He was on the verge of getting a recording contract in Nashville when he got an astrocytoma brain tumor and died later at 29.

Everytime I heard just the name Mesa Boogie it brings great memories back. I currently have 2 sets of great amps, Vacuum State Technology mono blocks and Ayon Audio mono blocks. I would really like to make this Mesa amp a killer but I am unable to do it since I am disabled myself.

Please let me know if you know of anyone that you could recommend to turn the Mesa amp into something that would sound better than the day it came from the factory.

Thanks for your help,
Rick Eller
Sacramento, ca 95829
FWIW, I've had one of those puppies since they first came out. The amp has great potential but is really system dependent (as is most everything!). Out of the box I think many will find it a bit bright - the critics did for sure, but in an otherwise warmish set up it can be an excellent amp. Mine is up an running as I type. BTW, although the Triode mode is fine, I find the soundstage too diminished and recessed. I run mine in 1/3d triode 2/3d pentode. If I wanted a 'Triode' amp I think I would just buy one designed just for that. I like Triode done right.

I had a factory mod done when it was almost new which changed out the caps to Wima caps, and they help. They also changed out the turn on switches to get them out of the signal path after the unit was running. They subsequently came out with a tri-tube mod which allowed use of 5881's, EL34's, and 6550's.

Right now I'm using it with Silverline Bolero speakers, an ARC SP10 pre, and both a Wadia 302 and a Bat VK D5 CDP's as sources.

I agree with the guys above that recommend that you set your amp up, let it settle in, play with it (all of the options will keep you busy for a while) and see what you think you want to improve.

I wouldn't spend much money on its power tubes but those small tubes make a huge difference, especially if they are the ones furnished by Mesa. Try new production first, like the Mullard re-issues and EI 12AX7E (long grey plates). More importantly, don't overlook the designers comments (in the manual) that you can even use 12AT7's, which have a lower gain. I think this amp works better in a lower gain set up (passive pre-amp or better yet low gain pre-amp). You can even try some in-line attenuators to lower the gain and see if that floats your boat.

Last, but not least, call Mesa and talk to them. They are very service oriented and helpful.

Hope that helps a bit.
There is a local modder in New Jersey that I have used for several projects. He is very knowledgable and has a great ear. His name is Igor. The company is called K-Works. I suggest you contact him with your query. His email is: Tell him Phil Slepian sent you.
Hi Rick,

no idea about these amps but from fooling with the Audiopax, if you can use 12 AT7's as prior post, try some CV 455s. Some nos Mullard CV455s make the CV4204s? or whatever my Pax came with sound positively broken.
Failing that the engineer I use worked at Abbey Road Studios
and although the only authorised repairer for Audio Note uk,
his real labour of love is band gear.
Get it performing to original spec and leave as is
Talk with Mike at Mesa. The most important upgrade is to replace the 10,00uf 16V brown Sprague electrolytics on the audio board. Highly prone to leakage.
Had my amp set up for EL34s many years ago, much smoother than the 5881. Also replaced the .1uf caps on the outputs to Hovland Musicaps and will soon go to Mundorf silver and oil caps. The original Mesa tubes tended to be a little bright in combination with the orangedrops.
Magnumip205, I also prefer EL34's in the Baron. My original 16V caps did leak, and Mesa replaced them. Would you consider upgrading the replacements Mesa used important? They seem better than the originals, but Mesa would never use an expensive "audiophile" cap. re: the eight .1 uf caps, did you upgrade those from the original Sprague 715's, or had you tried the Wima upgrade Mesa offered?