Does anyone know the crossover point of the Harbeth 30.2 XD?

I did a quick Google search and another quick search here on the Audiogon Discussion Forum without any luck.  Thanks in advance.


@erik_squires As usual great advice.  I need your bullet #2 if I ever start mofifying speakers.  (as you recall I rebuilt my crossovers to the same design using better parts, but no design changes).  Frankly, I have a lot of confidence in the guy who designed my crossovers. 

My buddy who did the same mod has moved to the next level and is doing the analysis as you suggest to play with his crossover component values.



@erik_squires Thanks for the tips!  I will definitely check those sites out.  I think a dry run with a cheap pair of speakers is an excellent idea.  

Jerry, thanks for the words of encouragement.