Does anyone know the future of EAD.

I am happy with my EAD equipment and was thinking of upgrading to the 8800 pre/pro. If EAD is out of business i am worried about warranty repair issues. Any opinions? I thought being bought by Tara Labs was supposed to stabilize the company.
Alpha Digital Tech... I had them upgrade my EAD unit a while back. They did a good job.
Go ahead and buy it it.Boelen Electronics will honor all warranrtee repair work.They were the original EAD in Iowa.They do super work and there modifications on equipment is outstanding.
In response to the last comment, NO, Boelen will NOT honor any EAD warranty repair work. Their position is that since EAD is no more, the warrantees are no more. They will do "warranty"-type work, but will charge you for it. I found this out yesterday, much to my surprise, enquiring on a Powermaster 2000.

I suggest you call Boelen yourself
Without getting into the warrantee issues, I can confirm that Boelen does indeed do great work on EAD gear. Frank Boelen was one of the founders of the original EAD, and many of the staff are from the original company.