Does anyone know what the thickness is of the standard VPI felt mat?

Hi, I am considering trying some different mats for my VPI Prime Scout.  There is a mat that I am interested in called Herbie's Way Excellent II mat.  It can be ordered in various thicknesses.  Anybody try this before?   Thanks much!


The VPI felt mat is thick, maybe 1/8 of an inch.  I use a felt mat that is half the thickness.  I purchased it from the official PF store with the DSOTM logo.  It works great on my turntable.  I also tried the hard mat by Oracle or Origin, can’t remember which.   Sucked the life out of vinyl. 

I replaced the stock mat on my Scout 2 with the Acromat by Funk. Seems to add more detail. 

Everyone should have one of these alignment/blank side discs, 2mm thick. Alignment grids one side for overhang, 2 null points. Blank side to set anti-skate visually.

They can be used to raise a thin mat if tonearm height is not easily adjustable.



Huh...mat on a VPI?

And I always believed LP on bare platter was the rule for great sonics.

The VPI police will be  notified.