Does anyone like country

I am just curious as to whether anyone likes country music? I do like some country songs (especially those that lean more towards pop).
I don't care for most "top 40" country, but I like what many now term "Americana", Folk, folk rock,, etc. and I like bluegrass, though not on a daily basis. There are some good "channels" that offer these genres at RadioIO, Rhaphsody, etc. To me, Americana and Folk are now the real country music. Top 40 country is packaged/commercial/video based music with little appeal to me these days. There are some great voices in country music, such as Martina McBride, but he music itself offers little substance.
The recs from Der are all good ones. Lovett tends to make good recordings, I think. (Though I prefer, in some ways, his scruffy ex-roomie, Robert Earl Keen.) J
all country except todays radio country. 1950-1984 all good country.todays country steel drivers big and rich .whitey ford and the 78's to name a few .
Yes, as Jdoris said, genre descriptions get a little mixed up, but if you like your country with a side order of rock, or your rock with a side of country, one of my favorites are The Bottle Rockets. Saw them last week in NYC. Great show. Give them a listen.