Does anyone own Richard Allan LS3/5A reissues?

Richard Allan recently has been licensed to produce current reissues of the famous LS3/5A BBC minimonitor speakers. Currently there are no US distributors although when I contacted the company in the UK they said you can buy them direct. From their website you can view photos and specs and they look like they are really well made. Does anyone own these and how do they compare to the other "clones" from Spendor, Harbeth, etc?
Yes, a friend of mine bought a pair of Richard Allan LS3/5A and we compared my Rogers LS3/5a with them. The Richard Allan, out of the box, sounded better of my 11 ohm monowiring 1989 Rogers. Don't know why: the cabinet? the loudspeakers selection? the crossover? ... however at this address you will find a great article about the matter: ls3-5-rogers/ls35_hifinews_shootout.pdf
to Lushlife, be reminded that 11ohm rogers are among the worst sounding Ls3/5As. Hartbeth 11ohm or any 15ohm are better.