Does anyone "throw away" Lp's ?

I have collected about 1500 lps over the last several years. Mostly in groups of 2 to 8 hundred. I am just now going through each one to check quality of vinyl. My question is what point do YOU just discard a record? I'm tempted to trash all that shows obvious scatches and wear.

I'm thinking anything that looks like I would be comfortable playing on my TT with my cart for fear of damage.

What do you do in this case?

With LPs that have a nasty pop or other defect across a critical or quiet section of music, the last thing I would want is to forward that horror onto another unsuspecting vinyl lover/purchaser so that they don't have to drop the F bomb as I did when I first heard it. These do go into the trash, absolutely. Good riddance!
I've never actually thrown away an LP unless it was truly unplayable. Otherwise, I take them to the places suggested above.
True, i have found some interesting lp's at thrift stores with minor scratches. I'd better donate before throwing to the trash.
If you donate scratched LPs to Goodwill, you are part of the problem. Do your fellow collectors a favor and throw them away. An unplayable scratched LP is not worth a dollar. It is worthless.