Does anyone really need to spend 10k on power

Conditioning. I was on another website and they were discussing Intimately about a power conditioner set up that cost 10k. In the 10k I am not Including power cords. They went on and on about it being the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I read this 2 days ago and it's been haunting me ever since. I'm not saying power conditioning doesn't help. I'm sure in some cases it does. But it being the greatest thing since sliced. I think that is ridiculous. I really believe that in today's market a person could buy used gear on Audiogon and come up with a first rate system for 10 to 15k.

I think in this hobby people get crazy and spend obscene amounts of money because they can. I think they would be better off getting young people into this hobby before it dies. Hell, If they want to piss away money set up a college fund for people that play music or want to learn music theory. (Actually that's not pissing away money) Spending 10k on power conditioning is pissing away money.
I do not believe in $10,000 power conditioners. I do believe in a person's right to spend their own money on a $10,000 power conditioner.
A fool and his money...
This is like saying that one needs a Rolex for time keeping.
It's a lot of "because one can" in there, in my opinion.
Everyone needs to spend money on things like food, shelter, and health care.

Most of the rest is optional, including power conditioners.

Anyone can spend on whatever they like, including charity, although being charitable might not be considered optional as well to many.