Does anyone repair....

My significant other has a vintage Fisher 4404 Custom Electra IV (Model E44) that we loved to listen to old vinyl on. Classic sound through those original speakers, etc.

Anyway, it has reached the point where the hiss and buzz is way louder than the music. I suspect it needs some new tubes and/or other electronic repairs. I live in New Orleans. The closest (and truthfully only) place I found that might fix it is in another state aver 600 mi away. Shipping would seem to me to be expensive (that I am not worried about) but I fear for the ability to ship without damaging the console. Is there any suggestions or anyone closer to me who might be able to repair this?

Thanks for any help




@elliottbnewcombjr  Nice post and info. It is special because my significant other loves it and puts up with my audiophile spending LOL.

czarivey with Class D entering the guitar market, you are probably correct
elliottbnewcombjr WOW, what an amazing offer. I will have time in October to dedicate to this, so if I chose that route, I hope you don't mind if I PM you to arrange this
secretguy I contacted them during the end of the pandemic and they were not very interested, but I will try them again. Thanks


Check DIYaudio for suggestions. I found a chap in MS there who did an outstanding job restoring my Sansui AU-717. 

@dseltz i think there are tube hifi repair folks closer than 600 miles. ask around at audiokarma as well, maybe antique radio forum, but there are lots of fisher tube owners at AK. any competent tube tech chould troubleshoot and repair. you might end up removing a piece of it and sending it somewhere. 

check this discussion out:

good luck holmes!