Does anyone repair....

My significant other has a vintage Fisher 4404 Custom Electra IV (Model E44) that we loved to listen to old vinyl on. Classic sound through those original speakers, etc.

Anyway, it has reached the point where the hiss and buzz is way louder than the music. I suspect it needs some new tubes and/or other electronic repairs. I live in New Orleans. The closest (and truthfully only) place I found that might fix it is in another state aver 600 mi away. Shipping would seem to me to be expensive (that I am not worried about) but I fear for the ability to ship without damaging the console. Is there any suggestions or anyone closer to me who might be able to repair this?

Thanks for any help




Nice piece. I can see how your "significant other" would be emotionally attached to it.

Troubleshooting these aging pieces can get pretty involved. If you find the right tech, don’t be surprised if there’s 6+ hours of bench time to arrive at a good point -- plus parts. @elliottbnewcombjr ’s offer to check the tubes for you is quite generous, and a no-brainer in my opinion.

We’ve had a few very old pieces (60+ years) old pieces come thru our shop throughout the years. We’ve also found cases where it was impossible, or financially impractical, to service/restore items. (We’ve been known to put alot of time and effort into "high emotional attachment" pieces and "adjust" the labor to about 1/3rd the time we put in).

In those desperate moments (impossible/impractical repair) vs the dumpster, we’ve replaced the vintage components with modern gear. In a recent case, we took an early 60’s piece, replaced the amp(s) with modern Class D amps and replaced the old Garrard changer with a newer (used) BIC record changer. The new amp had Bluetooth on board and aux inputs for other devices. An inexpensive streamer will allow for apps such as TuneIn for AM/FM programs, and other music services. The BIC changer has magnetic cartridge delivered via (moderately-priced) outboard phono stage to the amp. The speakers appear to be "okay" per your description, so they may by fine as is. Some of these new digital amps have outboard controls via ribbon cable. We were able to mount the volume control in the stock location and use the OEM knob to adjust volume. Speaking of volume, it can be adjusted via remote control or app on your phone/tablet. Another strong consideration here is the person doing the modification may not need the entire piece of furniture. Just the internals so that the new can be integrated with the old as unobtrusively as possible. So, shipping logistics are minimal.

As mentioned, repairing the original piece would be my first option. But, there is a "Plan B" if you love the piece, and want reliable, high(er) performance sound, and flexibility.

I don't know of a repair shop closer to you.  But you don't have to send the whole console.  You will have to disassembled it.  Looking at the Owner's Manual, it pictures the Power Amplifier unit as separate from the radio/control unit.  Look at the backside. Some units, you could see right into it.  Some had a cover.  The power amplifier is in there.  Remove and send that part.   The hiss and buzz could be coming from the top radio control unit.  That unit takes a bit more to do to remove.

Consoles like yours is how I made my first stereo system.

Ps.  I once wanted to make those again.  With modern day equipment,  And I have a friend in Colorado that might give your repair a go.


upgrading the guts to modern equip sounds good, never thought about that. Gotta really love the thingy to go that far.