Does anyone use Laserdisc anymore?

Just wondering if anyone does Laserdisc these days?

I'm clearing out a stack of LPs and Laserdiscs from my late father's collection. As for the LDs, I don't know whether to try to Audiogon or eBay them, or use them as bird repellers in the garden this spring. I have about 20 of them, everything from La Boheme to Perlman to Saturday Night Fever. 
Try Craigslist.  Laserdiscs are worth $2-3/ea; $5 max.  There are still some collectors, but they probably already have the popular titles.
Give Atomic Records in Burbank, CA a call. I believe they have customers looking for laserdiscs, and might want them. They give me pretty good prices for the CD's I bring them.