Does Anyone Use Pro Audio Speakers as their Main?

I'd guess most people here are using high quality domestic loudspeakers powered by some well regarded amplifier for their listening pleasure; but there must be some who have bravely ventured into the realm of active studio monitors in pursuit of greater sonic accuracy as promised by the likes of Genelec, Neumann, Yamaha, JBL, Mackie, Kali Audio ect.

It could be of interest to the rest of us if they are willing to share their experiences of how they found this transition into the world of Pro Audio.


no ,, pro audio monitor too hazy  , too cloudy  and sometimes treble is high make bleeding ear   ,, i wish i have mini  h a  mer  to dest  oy all pro audio speaker


That's a good summing up of the many reasons why someone may well choose pro audio speakers.

Versality is certainly an important factor and pro speakers always tend to be far more versatile. This includes having more ways of adjusting the speaker to the room via built-in equalising controls/switches.

All mainly due to having an amplifier built-in.

This pro/domestic dichotomy has always appeared to be a little strange given that they are both seeking to do the same job, namely the accurate reproduction of the signal they are being fed.

So you'd think that the only significant difference would be the cosmetic appearances, but alas no.

Domestic loudspeakers rarely, if ever, claim to put accuracy first.

Pro-audio inc Tannoy monitors and Altec, RCA, Western Electric and JB Lansing theater horns and those can be superior to standard audiophile fair.

I have been venturing into pro audio for the past few months...currently in the process of getting active crossovers dialed in on some big Yamaha horn installation speakers.

Coincedentally or not, most audiophile speakers I’ve owned (jbl, tad, etc) are from companies that also have their fingers in pro audio.

I have also been quite happy with a pair of Yamaha HS8 near field monitors in my office room, running it with a Schiit preamp and dac.