Does anyone use white gloves to handle records?

Just thought I'd ask if there is much benefit. I know oil from my fingers will touch the edge and some of it will migrate a little inside. I also see the extra hassle of keeping them stored away from dust each and every time. Also how hard is it to manipulate cleaning the record and taking it in and out of the sleave?  What white gloves wouldn't impart any flake off particulates? Just bored here members.  Lets be respectful. Anyway let's hear your opinions
No gloves. I've owned some of my records for 40 years & it apparently hasn't harmed them. I'm with folkfreak on this as I'd also be concerned about dropping one. 
@slaw - Back away, very slowly. And for God's sake, don't look down.........
I had to check the date: nup, not April 1st :-)

If you really think your fingers are going to seep oils onto the vinyl, white gloves is not the answer.
surgical sterile dental gloves would be the correct choice and give you a better change of actually " feeling " the record and not dropping it.

me, I will stick with maintaining clean hands and picking up at the edge and centre hole.
My wife thinks I'm a little eccentric as it is. Last thing I need is her to pop down and see me wearing white gloves.