Does brand aftercare for used gear make sense?

Recently, I've purchased some used gear and got in touch with the (boutique) brands themselves post-purchase for a couple of things:

1. Whether I could trade their used product for a newer model. After initially saying yes, they went dark.

2. Bought a different brand's product (used) from our favourite used gear marketplace and got in touch with said for a manual as it came without and there was nothing on their site or online anywhere.  Didn't even receive a response.

Of course, I don't believe used products deserve customer service, but there is genuinely no chance of me now buying further into their ecosystem. 

I'm so done with boutique brands. I'm selling up and getting a pair of ATC SCM40As and a Hifi Rose.



If you don't, how can you expect them to?

Of course, I don't believe used products deserve customer service


You're missing my point. 

I'm referring to the age old rule in marketing about it being much easier to sell to an existing customer. 

In both these instances the brands wouldn't be in my future consideration set - and the products are very good.

I have had great experiences with small companies.   Better than most big companies to be honest.  Sorry you lost confidence in those guys 

I had a custom amp built, it was the best experience ever.   It didn't come with a manual, it's pretty straight forward.    Input 1 , Input 2 , Gain, Speaker Jacks, Impedance Switch...   Lifetime warranty.  If I text or email the builder with a question he gets right back to me.  He is actually building me a companion preamp for the amp he built me.   It's about as Bespoke of an experience than you are likely to find anywhere.   I had no absolutely no reservations about having him build me another piece.   

My DAC is from a small company with decent support given it's size .   Best sounding digital source I've owned .    5 year warranty.  They are on a roll with a bunch of great products, no doubt they will be around for a while 

I expect both companies to be around for a while, I'm 55 ... I could expire before either one ....

I'll use Zesto as an example.   I owned their Leto preamp .   I bought a demo unit, years out of warranty.  Someone , not me, whacked a tube laterally and damaged the tube socket.  The customer service was exceptional.    They are a small company but they are very responsive and are great people to deal with should you ever need service.