Does dose anyone see these speakers in real?

Rub your eyes as much as you wish, but that won't change the fact the price you see for this pair of stunning speakers is a cool $5m. If we owned them, we'd almost be scared to use the speakers for their intended purpose out of fear that we might do some damage.




The thread title is indeed odd @Roxy54... and so is the article's title "Most expensive 5 million dollar speaker".

I wonder what the least expensive 5 million dollar speaker looks like?

You would have to have a serious mental problem to buy these ,

invest-in gold save your money, as a speaker I can think of many speakers 

far better under $20 k

Certainly one of the ugliest speakers I've seen.

Looks like a golden turd perched on a bar stool. 

Hifi for the stupid rich. 😉

The article is a complete turd. No way these are actual speakers. The author can barely write in full sentences. Do they go down to 16 Hz or 47Hz because you contradict yourself! Moving on. I can’t believe the OP even bothered to post this. Very odd.