Does dose anyone see these speakers in real?

Rub your eyes as much as you wish, but that won't change the fact the price you see for this pair of stunning speakers is a cool $5m. If we owned them, we'd almost be scared to use the speakers for their intended purpose out of fear that we might do some damage.




Those are beautiful.  I think I’m  going to cry….🥹🥲😭🤣😂😂🥲🥹

...another ’bigger fools with even more $ to burn’ ego item....

As for the ’buyer that didn’t pay’ aside, that ’buyer’ sounds strangely familiar....*rubs chin...* Probably thought they were gold....always attracted by shiny objects, and likely didn’t care what they sounded like....:(


Yeah...something to 'go with the toilet'.....*hmpf*

Thought they looked familiar…Last week at Home Depot a Guy in a white van offered me a pair, said they were overstock and could make a deal. 
When I came back from the ATM with the 3 Mil (took some time for all that to come out), he was gone… Oh well, Seriously think the guy would have waited, I mean really who carries cash today?