Does Formula 1 racing and high end audio go together for anyone else?

I don't think nearly as many in the US are into F1 racing, as a sport, as others around the world are. At least that's my understanding. I just turned onto it a couple of years ago but really enjoy it a lot. I turned onto it the season before the big rivalry came to a head last year between my man Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. 

My big system is actually in my bedroom b/c I live in a high rise in an urban community and the other big reason is b/c acoustically it appears to be pretty good.

I'm obviously not a hard core purist, because I've got my seventy five inch big screen between my ML Summits. Anyway, I'm curious if F1 racing is a thing with anyone else and more interested in what others think about the way things are looking for Mercedes and more specifically Mr. Hamilton. 

I've been enjoying alternating between listening sessions and the practice sessions and the qualifying laps yesterday and would love to hear what others have to say about the distance b/w Verstappen and Hamilton leading p to the race today.

I find it kind of hard to feel sorry for Hamilton, personally, b/c he has a tendency to come off with such an air about him. At the same time, I do feel a little bit sorry for him b/c he appears to've lost his confidence on the track. I don't think he can blame his performance this weekend on the car. 

I'm also loving the competition Ferrari is showing Verstappen on the track right out of the starting gate this season.

I've found that audiophiles tend to have some similar traits in common as far as things we appreciate about life and I'm curious if anyone else around here enjoys F1 like I do? And especially thoughts about the rivalry b/w Verstappen and Hamilton and the season so far in general.



You’re not alone. I think coming from a hobby where we value equipment that is the pinnacle of audio tech, it’s easy to see the connection with a Motorsport that is the pinnacle of auto technology. That is F1. In fact, F1 has almost always lacked the excitement of close competition. F1 excites because the technology excites.

But, But… today’s Bahrain GP offered loads of excitement between Ferrari and Red Bull.

As @chetatkins brought up. F1 series on Netflix.  My wife actually loves the show. She said if she was a young girl,she would love to get into racing.  

Thanks for posting the question; yes it does!  I watch F1 on my AV system which is separate from my 2 channel.  Nothing like cranking it up at the start of the race!

I had the chance to finally get to the USGP at COTA last year in Austin TX; while there's nothing like the live experience of FI, I found the venue a bit challenging for good visuals and very challenging for negotiating 200k fans.  

We bought our tickets late and only had GA, there's lawn areas for ok views and a lawn chair, but I would definitely recommend investing in VIP access with video and food, otherwise you're at the mercy of the masses. 

Lastly parking is a nightmare! Many gridlocked hours to exit the venue and surrounding highways. 

I am a huge F1 fan and a profound love of music. I think I may be slightly (!) older than you - I’ve been following F1 since 1967 at the same time as I started my love affair with music. I have no idea, though, if there is some sort of psychological connection between the two other than I’m passionate about both. 

I am a huge F1 fan. Began in the early 70s. Right around the time I became a big Jazz and Led Zeppelin fan. I got to see Niki Lauda (Ferrari) win at Watkins Glen in 1977. It was pouring rain for most of the race. Walked around most of the track during the race. We drove down from my hometown at 3AM. Drove right through the gate. No one to take money for tickets. We got in for free. I live 40 miles from the track. The 6 wheeled Tyrells were a thing back then. I bought my first "real" stereo system that same year. I was a junior in HS. Kenwood receiver, Dual TT, and advent speakers. I was on my way to spending gobs of money on audio gear over the years and couldn't have been happier.