Does Formula 1 racing and high end audio go together for anyone else?

I don't think nearly as many in the US are into F1 racing, as a sport, as others around the world are. At least that's my understanding. I just turned onto it a couple of years ago but really enjoy it a lot. I turned onto it the season before the big rivalry came to a head last year between my man Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. 

My big system is actually in my bedroom b/c I live in a high rise in an urban community and the other big reason is b/c acoustically it appears to be pretty good.

I'm obviously not a hard core purist, because I've got my seventy five inch big screen between my ML Summits. Anyway, I'm curious if F1 racing is a thing with anyone else and more interested in what others think about the way things are looking for Mercedes and more specifically Mr. Hamilton. 

I've been enjoying alternating between listening sessions and the practice sessions and the qualifying laps yesterday and would love to hear what others have to say about the distance b/w Verstappen and Hamilton leading p to the race today.

I find it kind of hard to feel sorry for Hamilton, personally, b/c he has a tendency to come off with such an air about him. At the same time, I do feel a little bit sorry for him b/c he appears to've lost his confidence on the track. I don't think he can blame his performance this weekend on the car. 

I'm also loving the competition Ferrari is showing Verstappen on the track right out of the starting gate this season.

I've found that audiophiles tend to have some similar traits in common as far as things we appreciate about life and I'm curious if anyone else around here enjoys F1 like I do? And especially thoughts about the rivalry b/w Verstappen and Hamilton and the season so far in general.



........did I miss something over the past few weeks ? Is this still the Audiogon  forum for questions and opinions on audio or did I hit the wrong key and end up on Wastebook ? 

You apparently stumbled upon one of the first threads I ever started and apparently I didn't put it in the correct category.

It turned out to be a pretty accurate assumption ... are you into F1?

Nope !

I still get excited over audio but the last time I was thrilled by F1 was back in the Prost-Senna days.

Modern F1 puts me to sleep.

@larryro2 Your post reminds me of 2 things:

the exhaust note from my bike. My pipes were hand tuned, by Mario who was the Ducati mechanic who serviced my bike and not only a dear friend, but a seriously fun riding buddy. 

I'd go hang out w/ him in the shop on Saturday, while he was working on bikes and then he and I would go riding when he got off in the afternoon.

My bike took 1st Place one year in what we used to call the Duc Bark, which was a contest held at the annual BBQ picnic the Ducati dealership here in KC used to put on every year. Awards are given based on applause. 

The other thing your post reminded me of is:

One time I was at a motorcycle event here in KC called Ralph Wayne's Backyard Invitatinals. I was standing, talking to a couple of motorcycle buddies, and I heard this beautiful noise! like right behind me. I turned around, and this guy had just kick started a 1952 Vincent Lightning Black Shadow. And then he just putt putted right by me onto a waiting trailer. I almost fainted, it was so cool. Lol

Oh, the memories.        : )

@sofaman How cool, that your wife will now enjoy an F1 race with you.

Is that something to be grateful for, or what?        : )