Does Heavy Metal music benefit from a high end audio system?

Not to dig at the genre although I’m not a fan, does Heavy Metal music benefit from an higher resolution systems? I’m not talking about comparing to a cheap box store system, rather, would one benefit moving from an audiophile quality $5-10k to a $100k+system?
My good friend loves heavy rock guitar, screaming riffs from Prince or orgasmic mashups from classic Springsteen or Bowie.  We'd jam those vinyls and CDs all night long.  No problem.  Then I moved in 1.7i Maggies into my rig.  Whoa.  What went wrong?  Well, I AB'd with my old pair of DefTech 9080xs which do loud and deep bass like a Sunday afternoon stroll.  We were rocking again.  Then back to the Maggies (crossed over to a pair of 10" Martin Login subs). I heard EVERYTHING.  And it sounded very different.  Let's be honest, it sounded terrible.  I turned to my friend and asked if maybe, it was how it was engineered/mixed?  Like,  tracks were really just thrown together, one track on top of another to maybe generate more power, more sound?  He shrugged his shoulders and kept digging the music. Well, I thought so.  I could hear it now.  I was just left thinking for the first time that what I often think is good is really muddled, covered-up sound, with only a small percentage of what was mixed-recorded being revealed.  Moving up to more resolving systems destroys that vail of ignorance to actually allow poorly mixed music to show itself.  OTOH, well mixed rock (prog mostly...), is a revelation. I spun  Days of Future Past and couldn't move until the dead wax  broke my trance.
the bigger and more dynamic the music, the more a serious, mature large scale hifi system will separate itself from a more modest system. big music really stresses room and system set-up and signal path refinement.

really no different than a bad sounding live performance in a hall with bad acoustics or just not well set up. heavy metal can sound bad, or good.

heavy metal played loud sounds like a bunch of noise if the system is not sorted out. i suppose if you listen medicated then it does not matter that much.

Led Zeppelin or AC/DC played at warp 9 on my large system sounds awesome. you can push it and it does not turn to mush. you will never know how heavy metal recordings are suppose to sound unless you hear them on a good large scale system. that music needs headroom in the A/C power grid, amplification, source quality and room acoustics. better reproduction serves heavy metal just like large scale classical.
If you play heavy metal on a 100k system or an 10k: it’s practically the same ,because  a lot of recordings are very bad…(some exeptions)
If you play heavy metal on a 100k system or an 10k: it’s practically the same ,because  a lot of recordings are very bad…(some exeptions)
It’s all about the amount of money you spend on little bottles of contact enhancer. If you are spending <$1000 on a 5ml bottle, all genres of music will sound like poop.