Does it bother you when you see inflated MSRP’s for used gear on AG?

Chances are if you’re looking at an ad you already know what it went for when new but I still find it annoying / irritating at best and dishonest at worst.  Moreover, it seems the trend is getting worse in terms of frequency and % of inflating original retail prices.  In some cases, (where applicable), a seller’s response usually revolve something like, “well, that is the current price” , not acknowledging that current models often have upgrades that would account, at least partially,  for the increase.    Am I the only one that is bothered by this?  Just curious.


To Bigkidz and others:  No, you’re not buying at MSRP but in a number of cases you don’t know what the item originally retailed for.  Inevitably, you do some research and find the $ to be inflated, sometimes substantially.  As someone posted on this thread, it does give you an idea of who you’re dealing with when that occurs.

Sellers listing inflated MSRP is a good indicator of who you may be dealing with. Items are only worth what someone is willing to pay (looking at you Mr. DoYouKnowHowLuckyYouAreImSellingThis)

What I have a problem with is deceitful behavior from retailers. The worst offense I witnessed was from a certain YouTube’r insisting his rebranded Doge integrated was a much better value than a similarly powered PrimaLuna, while quoting his amp’s price in US dollars, and the PL in Canadian dollars…“inflating” the price by about $1500. This sailing vessel can’t sink quickly enough in my opinion.

Skyfi gets away with their pricing due to their proximity to NYC, and the fact that vintage gear is hot at the moment. Those people are happy to pay insane prices in order to wallet wave when the opportunity arises. It’s a badge of honor. If you want to lose your mind, just look at their car listings.

Audiogon should just remove the New Retail Price field, it serves no real purpose

I’ve messaged sellers that do this and said with the MSRP you have listed and asking price you’re about 40% of retail; the actual MSRP is this so at 40%  I’ll offer this lol I guess you can imagine that doesn’t go anywhere