Does It Even Matter?

So I'm slowly building a second system for the basement, and streaming music will be a source for it. Though I much prefer vinyl and CD, it's like a necessary evil these days. I bought a Logitech Bluetooth audio receiver and it does ok. My question is will something like the Amazon Link give me better sound. I've heard folks say if it's digital, it's all the same, digital in digital out. But what do you think? Should I get the Amazon Link or stick with the Logitech? Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you!
My streamer/dac is the only source in my main setup - as others have mentioned, there are HUGE qualitative differences between cheap and expensive digital gear, just like there is with amps, turntables, speakers etc.

For an easy, high-quality solution, get a Bluesound Node 2i for $400 from Crutchfield and listen for yourself, return it if you can't hear the improvement!
I don’t think you’ll get it for $400
They want $549 plus tax like everyone else.
There is better sound around for less.

Bluetooth streaming will never give you descent SQ like dedicated network audio streamer, but if your budget is limited and you don’t want to spend on network streamer, don’t go with Bluetooth. Try Google Audio Chromecast with optical mini Toslink to Toslink’s definitely better than Bluetooth.
I stream Amazon Music over WIFI.   Even with a low cost BlueSound Node 2i, I like the results. YMMV.