Does It Even Matter?

So I'm slowly building a second system for the basement, and streaming music will be a source for it. Though I much prefer vinyl and CD, it's like a necessary evil these days. I bought a Logitech Bluetooth audio receiver and it does ok. My question is will something like the Amazon Link give me better sound. I've heard folks say if it's digital, it's all the same, digital in digital out. But what do you think? Should I get the Amazon Link or stick with the Logitech? Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you!
I stream Amazon Music over WIFI.   Even with a low cost BlueSound Node 2i, I like the results. YMMV.

jjss49, it is matter how those 1’ and 0’ being processed and through what quality audio components they passing through heading to the end.... this is objective aspect of SQ

Depends on what level of sound quality you’re looking for and the level of the other equipment you’re working with.  If the equipment is decent and you care about sound quality then WiFi absolutely.  If it’s just a background music thing with cheap ceiling speakers just stick with BT and maybe upgrade to something like a Topping MX3, etc. 
In digital all the bits ARE the same.  Even a cheap disc reader will make less than one reading error in millions of bits.  Same with wire transmissions assuming a good connection.

It that were all, it would be perfect sound forever.
The differences are all in clocks and DACs.
And they are legion and unaddressable.