Does it get any better?

I've made a few equipment changes in my system this year, and I'm overjoyed in what I'm hearing. I've been at this audio thang for many decades, and I feel like my current system is the best sound I've heard yet .What the specific equipment is, is not the point. I've listened to much more expensive systems, but I'm hearing details and naturalness of voices and instruments, and space, and placement, and, and, well YOU know - with no trace of harshness or false lushness - like I've never heard before.
So yes, I'm sticking with what I've got for a while.
 But I find myself asking - does it really get any BETTER than this?
 Different- sure. But better, I really don't know - have any of you come to this point yourself? Am I fooling myself?
I am at a similar point with my system, but unfortunately I know it does get better. The real question is whether it is worth the time and effort.
How would you define better? Remember better includes different. You might change a component and hear differences that you will then say are better. Some will say better means more accurate sound but then have trouble defining accurate. My system has also reached a level of enjoyment that I have no intention of making any major changes to. I still have fun by playing around with tweeks and cables for not much money. I even found inexpensive cables that sound better than my expensive ones.
Enjoy You might be able to make it better but you won't really enjoy it anymore
What's better?  More of all the qualities you currently appreciate?  How much better? 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%?  To make a significant *improvement*--rather than, as you say, just a difference--be prepared to spend 3x, 4x, 5x the total cost of your current system, combined with a lot of work swopping in and out components, etc. etc.  So it boils down to the effort/reward ratio: how important is "better" to you, and how much time and money are you prepared to invest in that effort.  If the prospect sounds daunting, I'd say sit back and enjoy the music.  However it sounds, it's already better than what 99% of music listeners are hearing right this minute.

I too, feel as you do about what my system affords me on a daily basis. I have done all I can do within my meager budget, but I don't see where I can improve without going beyond what I can comfortably afford, which where I'm at now. I am satisfied though, and feel as though I have gotten where I intended to be when I got serious about building a system I could happily retire with. My spending days are over, and I feel no urge to change any thing.

I'm happy with that. Regards,