Does it make sense to buy SACD of old recordings?

HI, I am very new to the world of SACD. In fact I just purchased an SACD player (for reasons other than SACD) and I do not yet have any SACD. So I was wondering if SACD makes a difference for old jazz recordings like Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Wes Montgomery, etc? My initial thought is SACD will not make a difference since these old recordings are of such poor quality anyway that SACD would just reveal more of the bad recordings. Along the same lines, is SACD really most beneficial for modern recordings?
Definately look for reviews on the sound quality. I have Dave Broubek's Time Out and it sounds amazing.

But I've been burned by buying older recordings that were just tranferred over to SACD and sound terrible.
To be honest is the best place. The next option is hi end magazines, reviews SACDs/CDs and mentions sound quality. Or look for what you want on SACD and then start a thread asking for other owners if it's worth it sound quality wize.
if you ask kevin halvorsen of muse, he'll tell you he doesn't like sacd (some kind of coloration).
he prefers pcm to sacd and considers dvd a much superior to both.
I'm also pretty sold on SACD. Have some older recordings such as Sonny Rollins, Charles Mingus, The Allman Brothers Band and a few others that are worth the price of admission for my money.

For what it's worth, my Sam Cooke and Byrds SACDS are not quite up to the same standard.