Does it make sense to "ignore low ball offers"?

Assuming the person wants to sell the item and is accepting offers (since he didn’t say the "price is firm") then why say "I will gladly ignore low ball offers" ?

Why not make a counteroffer to the low ball offer? Thats how cars, houses and most anything that doesn’t have a "firm" price is purchased.

If its because the seller doesn’t want to waste their time negotiating they should say so or simply grow-up a little bit and not get so easily offended by a low offer. Besides, a buyer has no idea what the seller is willing to accept unless you negotiate it.

I’ve sold and purchased a number items after negotiating from a low first offer.


I always like to ask if the price is negotiable.  That way, no hurt feelings.  Nothing worse than someone coming by that you assumed was ready to purchase, and then start negotiating.

There is a very huge difference between a reasonable counter offer and a low ball number.  A low ball number is an attempt to get something for nothing and totally not considering market value.

Any potential buyer worth their salt knows how much the blue book value of an item is.  Also take into account an item's rarity that that totally changes the blue book value.  

I research the current market value (high, average, low, etc.) of any item that I plan on selling, taking also into account condition, having the accessories, original boxes, etc. and place my asking price accordingly.  I typically price items to sell so my price really doesn't have my room.  Also, I am never desperate to sell.

So, when I receive a low ball number I will completely ignore it. If I receive a reasonable counter, I will consider it.

People watch way too much of these insulting flipper tv shows and think that there is actually a free lunch.  I don't have time for insulting flippers or lowballers


If the offer is not totally low-balled I will usually try to negotiate.  But, I always respond just to be polite.  Are low-ballers a PITA?  Sure, but being polite is pretty easy.  I always try to remember and take the high road so to speak.  

Case in point, just had an offer on a preamp I am selling.  The buyer offered a trade for an older pair of Thiel speakers.  Interesting idea, but the speakers are worth less than half of what I'm asking for the preamp.  I would consider that pretty low-ball!  I politely replied that it was an interesting idea but I couldn't do that deal.  No sweat on my part.  Was the buyer being an a-hole with the offer?  Maybe, maybe not.  Maybe just looking for a sweet deal.   

Let's be nice, people.

@sbayne what I like to do if the offer is insultingly low is retort with over the asking price as much as they went below it.  i.e. I’m asking $2000 for some thing and I get a lowball offer of $600, I’ll reply with $3400.  Usually I get no reply (perfect) or a reply of “that’s more than what you were originally asking” or “thats ridiculous, you’re insane” to which I reply “now you know how I feel.”