Does power conditioning really matter?

I have a friend who is setting up a budget system with a nice hi def plasma (Pioneer PDP-5020FD) and an entry level receiver (either Denon AVR 1909 or Onkyo TX-SR606) who is wondering whether the Monster conditioner for $300 that the salesperson is pushing is really necessary over a plain surge suppressor. Will this make a difference in his system?
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if the salesman has any integrity, he'll let your friend take it home and try it out with no obligation.
Power conditioner and surge protector is necessary, just that you need to get one that will really work.

For the best bang for the buck, get the PS Audio's Duet or Quintet and they are on sales right now for even better deal to make them a NO BRAINER.
he needs one that incorporates surge and hi-lo voltage problems just to protect his will also improve his picture....salesman should let him try at home....PS Audio has many good ones and they give an automatic 30 day home trial, their stuff works.