Does Qobuz work

I've been streaming from Tidal from ethernet, through my Blue Sound Vault and McIntosh amp.  I find the BluOS very easy to use and Tidal works great on the BluOS app on my phone.  Qobuz does not. I've tried to contact Qobuz customer support but its been days now and they haven't responded.  There are several options on the BluOS app for various sources, like Tidal, Amazon Music, Qobuz, etc. But Qobuz is the only one that doesn't work, I paid for the Hi Res Audio, but the songs come thru at only cd quality and only 15 second samples.    Does anyone have a solution?


i used Tidal & Qobuz for 1 year. made many head/head comps. 
did not renew Tidal. Qobuz sounds clearly better

Tidal has a much larger catalog.  Doesn't matter how much better Qobuz might sound if they don't have as many titles as Tidal.  Plus, several albums on Qobuz have just been cd quality

@mojo771 The 15 seconds of play time for each track is clearly associated with a login issue. I've experienced this and resolved it by making sure my login credentials were correct. Did Qobuz resolve this for you? 

Claiming TIDAL has a much larger catalog than Qobuz is a bit misleading.  TIDAL claims to have 80M tracks and Qobuz claims to have 70M tracks.  It's more important to make sure they have the titles you're interested in.  That's why you can test Qobuz without a subscription as you've likely been doing since you don't seem to be correctly logged in.  If hi-res quality is not a concern, then TIDAL is a fine option.  But in my 3 years of using TIDAL I found that many of their hi-rez claims weren't correct as many are over-sampled CD quality tracks and then they blame it on the music publisher.

Also, Qobuz listens to its subscribers.  After switching from TIDAL to Qobuz, I noticed Qobuz didn't have any Lyle Lovett albums. His albums are so well produced that I use many tracks to test the SQ of my system.  I sent Qobuz an email and 2 weeks later they added all the Lyle Lovett albums to their platform.  Not sure TIDAL would do something like this.

@cycles2   I mentioned above that Qobuz did contact me, after several days of waiting.  They were able to resolve the login issue, even though it took over 90 minutes for them to figure out the issue, so it seems like Qobuz is not as intuitive as Tidal. 

So now I've been listening to both Tidal and Qobuz to compare for myself.  I mainly listen to classic rock and many times I've had to go back to Tidal because the album was not available on Qobuz.  So I may need to keep both services, although I know Tidal has said they are adding or converting many mqa titles to flac.  If this happens I may stay with Tidal because of their more extensive offerings.  But its good to know Qobuz may add music if requested.  Thanks

Sooooo…. What was the solution?  I just signed back up for annual Qobuz after cancelling a year ago. I guess they kept my account credentials in their system as a trial (with the 15 second snippets). After signing back in through my streamer service (Cambridge) I’m only getting 15 second samples.  Signed out and back in. Their app still shows me as being a base member with no streaming rights. Wondering if they only do account updates when they’re in the office since I received no confirmation email etc. 

i sent a request for help but the bot responded they’re closed till Tuesday. Pretty disappointing restart and a reminder why I let my account lapse in the past. I’m assuming it’ll work out but they could improve their business operation. 

any help appreciated.