Does someone’s opinion affect your opinion?

So I have a very nice turntable with a new MC cartridge which I liked and enjoyed…that is until someone said that the cartridge was very “piercing” and in his opinion almost unlistenable. Now I find I am not enjoying it as much. Two things to add, he is not anymore “golden ear” than me, and the brands are well known with good reviews. 
But now, I don’t enjoy it as much. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me, but it does and it has impacted my enjoyment.

So, has this happen to you and what did you do? 


I had an audio manufacturer (now friend) visit my home and listen to his gear that I owned in my office system. We played music by musicians he was friends with and knew how they should sound. After that session he gave me a lot of constructive criticism. I ended up rearranging my room and selling some gear. I did also sell the 2 amps he loved the most and kept the amp he liked the least. That was because I knew we had some slight differences in our audio sensibilities.

A few months later, I was proved correct in putting my faith in his musicians’ ears. There was a writeup on his great listening skills on

My room has never sounded better.

I enjoy opinions that agree with mine, and utterly reject those that don't. 


It could be that your friend is sensitive to high frequencies like some are to metallic tweeters, or conversely your high frequency hearing ability is less sensitive.

Some opinions are helpful, like a respected reviewer with much experience. Others like my “subjective” tastes are better than your’s are not. 

@roxy54 nailed it in the initial response to the OP. Please don’t waste money based on the perception/bias of another. Try to have the confidence to know what you like and enjoy it. 


I do not care at all what anyone else says something sounds like. You have to have more confidence in your own abilities including hearing. The problem for most people is that they do not have a solid reference. What should a certain recording sound like? This takes experience. Being too bright or harsh is a very common problem. You should never find yourself winsing at a recording. If you are not winsing you are probably OK.