Does someone’s opinion affect your opinion?

So I have a very nice turntable with a new MC cartridge which I liked and enjoyed…that is until someone said that the cartridge was very “piercing” and in his opinion almost unlistenable. Now I find I am not enjoying it as much. Two things to add, he is not anymore “golden ear” than me, and the brands are well known with good reviews. 
But now, I don’t enjoy it as much. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me, but it does and it has impacted my enjoyment.

So, has this happen to you and what did you do? 


People can definitely “poison the well” so to speak, whether intentionally or not. Then it’s just a question of agreeing or getting it out of your head. It can be a tough situation that time can help with. I wish I had a magic bullet for you but it’s happened to me and it can be hard to deal with. 

I think everyone reading this has the best sound ever.  

Did that help?

The long and the short of it is it’s your ears.  If you’re happy with a $250,000 rig, great.  If you’re happy with a transistor am/fm from the sixties, great!

Don’t let anyone try to influence you in this.  Trust in your ears.  Trust in yourself.

For me? No. I know what I like and I also am well aware that what I currently have for components and speakers are absolutely not the holy grail of audio. I love the forum because I trust the opinions of a few when it comes to the quality and sound of something I am looking to upgrade or add to my system. But saying that.. it sounds better or it doesn’t after the addition. And if not…. I certainly don’t question my own ability to discern what I want to hear.  The only thing I do recommend is give whatever you are auditioning a fair shake. Try different music, don’t be afraid to try repositioning your speakers a little. If after a few hours of listening switch back to the original component. That is when I know for sure that what I just added is better or not. 

  As many other have said. People have different tastes, different ears, different expectations of what they want to hear. I had a couple buddies trying different carts on my table back a couple years ago. All three of us found a different cart the best. One of the guys preferred an Ortofon Blue over $2500 MC carts we had in hand. I think that was when it really sunk into me that there is just such a crazy difference in our likes.