Does surge suppressor negate upgraded power chords

I recently upgraded the power cables on my amp and CD player and I couldn't help but think, "By plugging these cables into a surge suppressor does it negate the positive effects of having these upgraded cables?"
Hello Tommy - rather than getting into the fray that is certain to come, what do your ears tell you? Did the upgraded power cords make an improvement in what you hear from your system? If they did, then the question should really be "how much better would the system sound with a different protection device or with no surge supression at all"?
Yes, that was the trouble with my Brick Wall, which otherwise worked fine; it had a captive cord. I switched to the PS Audio Quintet, which is supplied with a PC but can use any standard cord. PS points out the the better the cord used the higher the performance.This is the first such device I have used which is better overall than direct to the wall.
Hi all, the benifit of upgrading the stock PC can be more than sutble. I've tried stock with my Quintet a PS audio Xstream plus, Statement SC, the newer line AC-3 and for now have settled on the AC-10(awesome) all where such step up it will be one of the best upgrade bangs for your buck! So get the best aftermarket PC your budget will allow.Upgrade until you get the best from your gear. IMOP it all starts at the wall first the true foundation of the music experience!