Does the Eminent Technology 2.5 arm work well with the Transcriptors Reference turntable?

Both arm and turntable are still made.

Nothing in the Audiogon ET 2.5 discussion group about this particular combination.




How is it that the consensus is that an ET2 won't work on a table with springy suspension but it works well on an Oracle?  Is the Oracle's suspension not considered springy?  I have an ET2 on an Oracle and it seems to work well.  

I used to sell ET2's in the 80's. Had customers with ET2's on Oracle's.

The reality is that as the arm moves across the record, the moving mass is enough to shift the arm out of level on a softly sprung suspended deck.

I ran an Oracle for a while myself . I preferred the sound with the suspension set quite soft - this gave better high frequency response, more nuanced, more detail.

Personally I would never run an ET2 on an Oracle, but it doesn't mean it cant work.

Harvey Rosenberg used to run an ET on a Linn.

In my view these decks are not getting the best out of the ET2.

If I had to run an ET2 on an Oracle I would look at defeating the suspension and put the deck on a wall shelf.





As I look at my Basis Audio Debut and gently test the compliance of the suspension system with a well meaning finger, I can’t for the life of me imagine how the carbon fiber armwand would deflect the suspension as it moves slowly across the record. And let’s say there was some barely visible deflection, perhaps one or two microns, or less, how would that impact on anything audibly? Does my cat walking across a suspended wooden floor have a similar impact?

I can’t comment on this phenomenon and how it might relate to other suspended turntables that I’ve never owned but it seems intuitively to be on equally shaky ground (sorry ‘bout that).

Anyway, I know you folks are talking about a lot of different stuff here, so I appreciate the feedback relating to installing the ET2 on the Basis deck. I’m not comfortable drilling holes in the armboard right now but I don’t think it would be too difficult to manufacture a new armboard from hardwood then weight the board using lead or sand, accounting for the slightly higher mass ET2. I’ll think on that for a while.





Your suspension is very stable - you can run ET2's on hung suspensions - Examples are Sota, VPI, Basis, SME30. The problem pertains to subclasses sitting on top of springs like the Oracle, Linn.

I have seen a couple of ET's running great on the Basis Ovation.

@chowkwan  et al

Just saw this thread. The Clockwork Orange Turntable - Cool  

If you want to roughly and quickly find out if an ET 2 or 2.5 will work on a springy turntable.

Go get a soup can or similar object that weighs 408 gms - .9 lbs.

So I would just get a One pound object.

Two bubble levels. Place one on the turntable base (plinth) and one on the platter.

Check the Level of your turntable and your platter without any tonearm. 

Are they both level ?  If yes continue.

The ET 2  can be placed anywhere on the turntable, so start placing the 1 lb object on the turntable around the platter and see if your levelness goes out.

If you manage to keep it all level - the next step is to determine how finicky it is to keep level.

Are you ok to deal with this.  The ET can be mounted anywhere on a turntable base/plinth as long as it tracks a straight line. 



re: Oracle and ET2

As above except now.  

Start sliding the tonearm across and see if the bubble levels change.


VPI TNT - was mentioned a few times. The TNT was designed for the ET2 when Harry and Bruce were collaborating; before Harry decided to start making his own tonearm. Just saying.  

Hope this helps.