Does the NAD 326 Bee Integrated amp run hot

I just picked up a NAD 326 Bee Integrated amp-the newest model (used). I have had a few NAD amps but none have run as hot as this one. The thermal protection triggered a few times and I had to relocate it to a more ventalated area. The protection hasn't triggered since I moved it, but it still runs very hot. Is this normal for this amp? Thanks.
Mine runs warm and the thermal protection has never has been triggered. I keep it well ventilated. It's driving Harbeth P3ESR's quite nicely.
I've had mine a few months running Klipsch forte's. It runs warm, but not hot. And it sounds great.
I've had mine for a couple of months now, and just noticed that, after it had been on for a few hours, I was smelling "hot" electronics.

The NAD 326 was very warm to touch, although I was able to keep my hand on it.

I'll keep an eye (and a nose) on it for the next little while. The sound is wonderful.
I sold mine to upgrade. I agree that it is a very nice sounding amp. I think I did not have enough clearance from my top shelf and it prevented the uit from getting fresh air. Cheers.