Does the streamer effect sound quality

I have a Bluesound streamer device and I have been wondering if I change to a Cambridge cxn v2 streamer will the sound quality improve. I am only using these devices as a streamer to play tidal. They will be streaming to my Cary cdp dac via rca input. 




If you believe your streaming not to up to par with CD or Vinyl, then invest in a better streamer, DAC and optimization of your network.

yes, for sure

though there is fertile debate about the extent, and in how good a system the differences can be easily heard

texbychoice - underrated comment. You're so correct about the quality of Toslink as a quality connection.

Recently, I decided to invert my system so the optical no longer handles TV audio but goes from a WiiM Pro. Had not tried it but thought there could be some improvement with noise. Yes, indeed.

Since my RME ADI-2 DAC was fed Toslink, the noise floor dropped significantly adding to the separation, depth, and soundstage in one fell swoop. Off to TV audio went the coax with its relatively nice new cable. 

Running Verizon fiber via ethernet to a nifty inexpensive fiber optical solution to the WiiM Pro also helps with RF noise reduction. Combined it's taken my system to a significant performance. My tube amp monoblocks are very sensitive and produce great sound so they just ate it up. 

The level of support from Aurender was worth the price of admission. I only needed support twice and they took care of it remotely. The new version of Conductor 4 is slick and has been pretty solid.

My DAC is the LAB 12 DAC 1 Reference and it sounds phenomenal with the N200. I use them several hours a day , every day No intention of upgrading Digital any time soon.  Can’t remember the last time I played a CD in that system.