Does this image give you claustrophobia?

What a great set up.... in about a fourth of the space it should have. I literally get anxious looking at it. 


I know a guy with an industrial rack full of amps and streaming digital stuff. Floor to ceiling. Expensive and impressive. But all it powers is small ceiling speakers throughout the 1800 foot home. And the volume is always low like mall background music.
Audiophiles are nuts. How can you expect half decent SQ from anything less than pictured?

George Carlin once said something to this effect: Anyone driving slower than you is an a--hole and anyone driving faster than you is an idiot.

This seems like it applies to the extremes of hi-fi equipment too.

"Nothing Exceeds Like Excess" - Reubent

"If it Makes You Happy, it Can't Be That Bad" - Cheryl Crow

"George Carlin once said something to this effect: Anyone driving slower than you is an a--hole and anyone driving faster than you is an idiot."

This actually applies to just about everything nowadays. Seems like so many people want to point fingers at others and it doesn't even matter what side of the difference it is, so basically just because of the difference. These finger pointers should realize that same hand has more fingers pointing back at them.

Attempting to communicate all this stuff about our emotions (music is about emotions, relatively speaking) via the written word only - is bound to go sideways. Almost every time.

We ’get’ only 10% of the communication package, when we read the written word, 90% is literally MIA compared to speaking directly, in front of one another.

This is why it gets ugly. We have to fill in the other 90%. Which we do. Mostly unconsciously.

The first trick in understanding how to fix it or not respond negatively, is to constantly live in the conscious aspect of 90% being missing and do not respond in kind to what you FEEL and THINK is in the written text, as the filled in 90%, essentially comes from inside you.

We can get the gist of what someone is trying to say, but their response may not take in or cognate that the written word on forums...has this deep underlying problem.....

DE-escalate, don’t escalate. And remember that the vast majority of the ’give and take’ of intake and within us - not the text or screed that we read.

Miscommunication. Literally. And at the 90% initial level. Literally.

Imagine trying to play a game of catch. And being 90% inaccurate. Permanently. always.

Which means, slow it down. Take your time. Analyze carefully. Overcompensate, explicit motions, signalling, and so on - as nothing else will work when things get charged up.

If not, it’s just never-ending fisticuffs ...where, in reality, we are only punching ourselves in the face.

The internet has taken over and this written word thing/problem/issue is going full force.

People are no better or worse than they were before "da interwebs", but our understanding of the conditions and nature of this communication method is woefully inadequate, and this is the result. On-line internally generated garbage we contribute to, or endure, or read about, each and every day.