Does this product exist?

Hi all...

can someone tell me if this product exists at all?

i'm looking for a CD/DVD player that excells at redbook playback and has the following:
- digi out
- digi in, routing signal through internal DAC that is 24/96 or better (capable of acting as a stand alone DAC)
- some form of gain control


a DAC w/gain control, again 24/96 is a must.

my idea here is to bypass the need for a preamp. I only listen to digital sources and they are either redbook CDs or my own 24/48 or 24/96 recordings. I'm looking for the best sounding/value solution here as i build my high-end playback rig.
My Audio Aero doesn't play DVDs, but has all of the other characteristics you are looking for. For now it is the center of my system. It has several digital inputs. At the moment I use the coax for DVD and toslink with my Yamaha five-disk CD player when I get lazy and don't want to get up to change disks. I will soon be routing the audio portion of my satellite system through it, also. the Audio Aero has volumn control and both balanced and unbalanced outputs. I am biamping to two rooms.
Unclejeff's idea would work, get a cap. MkII and an inexpensive DVD player and use a digital input on the cap. mkII the only possible down fall of this is you would have 2.0(stereo) sound and NO dolby digital. Another option would be to wait for the new audio aero prestige to come out and it will do it all for around 16k, and killer looks to boot. The only problem with this piece(aside from the price) is that I have been told for over a year that it is going to be coming out in 3 month- or that seems to be the answer I was getting up till recently when I was informed don't plan on seeing one any time soon.
Nickspicks, I use a Denon DVD5000 in my HT. It has all of the features you desire and actually sounds very nice playing redbook. It is a very serious unit in terms of build quality and uses Burr/Brown dacs in "dual diff" configuration.

I have been seeing them used on this site for about $500-$600. They were originally $2500 new. No balanced connectors but otherwise every possible connection you could ask for including digital pass through.

Just a thought. Good luck.
ok, I found the cap MKII, its one of the areo line.
however, too boucou $$ for me!!

the benchmark DAC-1, which I had been eyeing ...
is the volume knob on it responcible for just the headphone, or all analog outs?