Does this speaker exist or am I being ridiculous?

Here's the laundry list folks:

- Full range (27Hz or below) - no need for subs
- Balanced sound - maybe a bit on the warm side
- Good at all the usual stuff - soundstage, imaging, detail retrieval, does the disappearing act
- Will fill a large room with sound
- Can be placed effectively within 18 inches of wall
- Great WAF - ie. really nice wood cabinetry, unobtrusive visually
- $3500 max new or slightly used
- Flexible on required amplification

Am I on drugs to think I can get all this?
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This speaker will never exist. All speakers are compromises and your low price means no new designs and stock drivers. Two or three drivers in a box will not achieve your goals.
Shadorne & Tbg - interesting yet opposite points of view. Shadorne - do you have any personal suggestions to listen to? Tbg - what if I had more to spend - where would you send me in terms of speakers to check out?

If you have any other questions aside from my review, feel free to email me at I'll try to answer whatever questions you have about the Minis and how it compares to other speakers that I have experience with.

Itball, see my post about CES to see where I am coming from. I have been at this for 40 years and could not afford these then.