Does this speaker exist or am I being ridiculous?

Here's the laundry list folks:

- Full range (27Hz or below) - no need for subs
- Balanced sound - maybe a bit on the warm side
- Good at all the usual stuff - soundstage, imaging, detail retrieval, does the disappearing act
- Will fill a large room with sound
- Can be placed effectively within 18 inches of wall
- Great WAF - ie. really nice wood cabinetry, unobtrusive visually
- $3500 max new or slightly used
- Flexible on required amplification

Am I on drugs to think I can get all this?
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Itball, see my post about CES to see where I am coming from. I have been at this for 40 years and could not afford these then.
Thanks to all for your responses. What I am trying to do is take a decent step up from my Totem Hawks/sub combo given my large room and wide taste in music, while staying with a speaker that looks pretty much like furniture. I would like to buy something now and be happy for the next several years (as I once was with my Gallos that didn't meet the WAF). That being said and having read just about everything I can find in terms of reviews, I think I may expand my price range a bit and look at the following as a short list:

Spendor S8E
Salk HT3
Tyler Linbrook Sigs
Onix Strata Minis - I see 6 Moons has a plan to review them soon

And perhaps:
Dynaudio - a few models
VMPS - RM30 or RM2
I would like to add the Deadalus DA-1 but it seems out of my price range.

As is often said here - it will be near impossible to audition all but a few of these. I live in Austin and can find dealers here or in San Antonio for Spendor, Dynaudio, VMPS and PMC. I know Onix and Tyler offer return policies but with shipping and return charges that adds up to about a $600 audition if you don't keep them. Ouch.

I will post my findings if anyone is interested.