Does this speaker exist or am I being ridiculous?

Here's the laundry list folks:

- Full range (27Hz or below) - no need for subs
- Balanced sound - maybe a bit on the warm side
- Good at all the usual stuff - soundstage, imaging, detail retrieval, does the disappearing act
- Will fill a large room with sound
- Can be placed effectively within 18 inches of wall
- Great WAF - ie. really nice wood cabinetry, unobtrusive visually
- $3500 max new or slightly used
- Flexible on required amplification

Am I on drugs to think I can get all this?
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Would suggest the Audio Note AN-E. Believe the base model would be in the 3500-4000 range (but not positive about that). Believe it meets your requirements fairly well, except for maybe the WAF. However, you can get them in a range of nice veneers.
Thanks for the Gershman recommendation Beheme - it had not occurred to me but further research shows it should absolutely be on my list. The speaker is truly full range and really beautiful to look at. Talked with them today about placement fairly close to a rear wall - they say it should be fine but some users say otherwise.

If anyone has anything to add on Gershmans near rear walls it would be great to hear. Thanks.
Shadorne - do you have any personal suggestions to listen to?

At your price point I would tend to go for better quality sound rather than huge bass extension to 27 Hz or below. My preference would be a sealed box design that rolls off gently around 50 Hz (still plenty of LF energy when you consider the boost from room effect).

Suggestions for something with a reputation for significant bass response but still of good quality (what I suspect you want);

my choice would be PMC IB1....try second hand and be patient. They aren't full range, not quite as dynamic as sealed box either, but very close to what you are seeking with great acccuracy and wow factor in the LF, IMHO. Unfortunately you will score close to ZERO in WAF factor ....but close your eyes and WOW!

WAF top score means elegant furniture, poor sound. WOW Knock your audiophile socks off = ugly brute, great sound.

That is just the way it is! No cake and eating it too! Sorry.
WAF top score means elegant furniture, poor sound. WOW Knock your audiophile socks off = ugly brute, great sound.....No cake and eating it too!

Where should we start?!!! At least, you put your money where your mouth is with ATC speakers...butt ugly. And I did the same with my monitors....but not everyone can live in a shack.