Does this speaker exist?

Looking for ideas. Here's the wishlist:

- Small footprint, either standmount or small floorstander (<40”)
- For listening at normal distances (not nearfield, or not only nearfield)
- Comes alive at low volume (let's say that at least it doesn’t need to be cranked to come alive)
- Musically versatile
- State of the art tonality, truth of timber
- Superb treble
- Gobs of refinement (think 1080p or 4K vs. 420, or very high thread count egyptian cotton vs. Ramada Inn)
- Not important: large soundstage, disappearing act, bottom octave, fill the room
- I actually prefer a small soundstage -- a small but open widow to the performance
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KEF LS-50 is a superb performer that checks nearly all your boxes. It would be at the top of my list in the under $2k category of stand/book shelf.
Yes! A practically countless number of speakers fit your criteria, optimum set-up and placement is essential so the loudspeakers interact (mate and play) with your room.
Please purchase Jim Smith "Get Better Sound" I recommend the Book and DVD, a wealth of knowledge for cheap.
Even a $30K pair of speakers can sound "not correct" and even "bad" if not set-up for optimum room placement (almost sold mine), a well designed inexpensive pair can sound magical, musical, correct and Great! leaving you not wanting for more (I have done this with a $500.00 pair).
Please do yourself a favor: get the book and DVD.
Jim C. PS: Before you spend a lot of $$$.
Dan, Yes, it exists in your dreams. Tired of the Dunlavys? I'm thinking about getting back into Dunlavy SCIV, but my back hurts everytime I think about it. I have always wondered how the SCIII compares.
I'm ready to sell the Dunlavys, let me know if you want to have a conversation about it.

Zenblaster -- I have a pair of the LS50. I don't think they're quite what I'm after, but maybe, as Jimc555 says, it's a setup problem.
Drubin - you just described the Thiel sound! Will not fit your under 40" height though.