Does transport matter if using external DAC?

Can anyone confirm or dispute my theory that the transport does not affect the sound of a system if you're using an external DAC? The transport simply reads the ones and zeros and sends them to the DAC for processing. I know that there can be errors during the reading process, but all but the most severe are corrected by the DAC anyway. (The most severe result in pops or blanks.) Even if the DAC has to make a guess once in a while, I doubt that it could be discernable even by golden ears. If I'm missing something, please provide credible evidence. Also, can you refer me to an article on the subject or to an expert whom I can email?
Ones and zeros. Once again a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. As with digital cables, transports matter greatly.
No question about it, makes a big difference, my CEC took things to a whole new dimension. Also, the choice of digital cable will play a part in this as well.
Rock Virgo has explained things well; it ain't just an issue of ones and zeros.
Also, if you scroll down just a bit on this Digital Forum, you'll find threads with people asking about which transports are best. There's an obvious inference you can draw from that, plus info for you in the threads too.
A great bunch of answers, a pleasure to learn from.

I've owned four one-box players, two transports and two DACs, and I've used one of the players as a transport. My most recent DAC was a clear step up, first with a player as transport, then with a pure transport once I had sold the player. The final configuration was much the best, I thought. In other words, the transport made a great difference, in speed, articulation and soundstage, in this case.

Digital cables also make a great difference, but if you limit yourself to considering ones and zeros then cables are voodoo too.

If differences can be perceived, but they don't show up on instruments, then we haven't learned what or how to measure yet. Just yesterday I read on Richard Sequerra's site a wonderfully lucid explanation of why and how "inaudible" frequencies, by intermodulation, affect what we hear.
Hi all.....not to go with the crowd, but the crowd is absolutely correct. In my experience, moving to a CEC transport for me changed everything. You have to hear it to believe it. Transports REALLY matter.